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The effect of any physical effort, be it construction, repair, gardening and other types of work, will be much higher in the presence of high-quality hand tools. For someone, a pair of screwdrivers, pliers and a hammer are enough to fix the faucet in the kitchen, but for someone this basic set will not seem enough, and the question will arise on the agenda - what kind of tools do you need to have in everyday life, and where can you buy it? Before going to the store, first you need to understand for what purposes the equipment will be used. For example, household needs, solving problems with electricity, troubleshooting plumbing, carpentry, and so on.

This section presents a full range of hand tools, ranging from simple wrenches to industrial tweezers. Depending on the functions performed, all work accessories can be divided into several main categories: measuring, painting, carpentry, clamping, impact-lever, as well as special purpose. As a rule, they do not provide for the need to connect to the power grid, the use of batteries, gasoline and other power sources, functioning only through the use of physical force.

Selection Features

The range of hand tools offered on the market is very large and diverse, both in terms of the range of applications and in terms of price. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and buy products that will last for many years afterwards, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

• Material of manufacture. Steel products are considered the most durable and reliable in operation. High loads are easily tolerated by mixed metals, for example, compounds made of steel and chromium. Information about the type of material is indicated on the label.

• Handles. The handle should be comfortable, pleasant to the touch, without notches and other visual defects. To eliminate the effect of sliding, rubber inserts are installed on it.

• Connecting mechanisms. The hinges present on the tool should move smoothly and effortlessly, and the bushings should be clearly fixed.

• Processing quality. Upon visual inspection, there should be no roughness, chips and cracks on the handle and other components. A high-quality product looks presentable, has appropriate markings and a brand logo.

• Manufacturing company. Goods from well-known brands, although they may have a higher price, but the buyer receives a guarantee that the selected components are originals, and not a fake.

The products of such world-class brands as Hazet, Wiha, Yato, Wera, Knipex, Silver, Gedore and others are on sale. For a more convenient search, filters are provided that allow sorting by product category, cost, manufacturer.

Main list of products

Carpentry and locksmith tools are the most popular among customers of our online store. Pliers, pliers, construction scissors, thin pliers and round pliers, cable cutters, as well as files and files - all this men's set is actively used in everyday life, therefore it should always be at hand. Chisels, planes, scrapers, grinding machines will be indispensable for all kinds of suburban and household work.

Keys are presented in separate categories: adjustable, plumbing, folding, hexagonal, splined, combined. They can be bought both individually and in ready-made sets with a different number of pieces. The sale of screwdrivers, side cutters, mounting knives, hammers, sledgehammers is built on a similar principle. A wide range of saws for sawing logs (stationary and folding) and tools for working with cable are offered.

Soldering irons

Soldering equipment is also included in the category of working tools. Electric soldering irons and soldering stations are available, designed for home and semi-industrial use. As related components, you can order soldering tips of different formats, magnetic holders, solders, mats and other accessories. Gas soldering irons with a wide range of applications are also in demand. They belong to autonomous devices, as they are equipped with a built-in cylinder with gas, from which the sting is heated. Many models are capable of performing an additional function of a gas burner.

It is worth paying attention to soldering irons that work both from the mains and on batteries. For those whose field of activity is related to the processing of wood and leather, mini soldering stations equipped with all the necessary parts will be interesting: nozzles, solders, power supplies.

You can always get advice on the technical characteristics of a particular product from online support specialists. Happy shopping!