TESA 77743-00000. Product type: Mounting tape, Product colour: White, Length: 5 m. Width: 19 mm Accessory for cable channels TESA SE

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5 m
19 mm


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Mounting Tape for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/m tesa® Mounting Tape for Wallpaper & Plaster 10 kg/m has been developed specifically for permanent mounting of light objects like skirting boards on textured and sensitive surfaces. It's special formula compensates for minor surface irregularities, it’s super easy to use – you don’t need any tools other than a pair of scissors – and ensures a durable, strong hold. Under optimum conditions and depending on your surfaces' strength, a single 10-cm strip can hold up to 1 kg. - For textured and sensitive surfaces like wallpaper or plaster indoors - Holds up to 10kg/m* - For permanent applications *For optimal results please read instruction leaflet. A max. of 6kg per application/objects is recommended tesa® Mounting Tape for Wallpaper & Plaster 10 kg/m is designed to give a permanent hold on textured and sensitive surfaces. A single 10-cm strip can, under optimum conditions, hold up to 1 kg. How to apply – Step by step - To ensure the best possible bond, clean the surface of dirt and dust with a dust-free cloth. - Make sure you attach the mounting tape to the rougher surface first. In the case of wallpaper or plaster, this will be the wall. Affix vertical strips that correspond to the entire length of the object. Reinforce the upper portion with shorter strips, since that’s where the majority of the weight will be born. Press down firmly across on the entire Mounting Tape surface for at least five seconds. - Remove the protective foil from the tape and position the item on the surface. Take care not to touch the exposed adhesive surface as this could affect the adhesion. - Press firmly on the item for another 5 seconds to ensure an optimal bond with the surface. No fuss, no mess The tesa® Mounting Tape for Wallpaper & Plaster has been specially developed for use on sensitive and textured surfaces. You won’t need any tools other than a pair of scissors – the roll is all you need to get things like skirting boards and decorations attached on the wall, permanently. There’s no need for the hassle of using a hammer or a drill and no need to leave ugly holes, either. Under optimum conditions a single 10-cm strip can hold 1 kg and it even compensates for minor surface irregularities. Before using, make sure that your surface is strong enough to take the weight of the object you want to attach. How to remove Since the Mounting Tape is designed for permanent hold, it is not made to be removed. If you have to remove it, use a cutting wire to cut the foam core and then try to tear off the remaining tape. Removing the tape may damage the surface and leave a residue. The tesa® Mounting Tape for Wallpaper & Plaster is an indoor mounting tape. For solutions to mounting on tiles, metal, wood, glass and other surfaces, please use the Product Finder and refer to our other tesa® Smart Mounting Solutions. Not suitable for any non-stick materials.