SIGMA ROX 2.0 Cycling Computer

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Simple, simpler, ROX 2.0. This GPS bike computer is perfect for all those recreational athletes who use all the essential advantages of a GPS bike computer but don’t want to spend a fortune for one. Its large, easy-to-read display combined with its simple operation make it the ideal companion on your bike tour. The ROX 2.0 bike computer has 14 functions, such as displaying speed, distance, training time, navigation information, and connection to an e-bike. Large Display: - The 2-inch high-contrast display’s dimensions and extra-large numbers are make it easy to read, even during a ride. Red Circle: - The innovative Red Circle on the upper right corner of the display is highlighted in various colours and offers innovative, interesting display of training data. Everything At A Glance: - The SIGMA RIDE app allows you to set your display view individually. You can set up to six views, each with two values. Current speed and time are shown continuously on the display. Ready To Go Any Time: - The ROX 2.0 bike computer can be positioned directly on the handlebars in a few easy steps. There is no need to mount cables or sensors. - Your ROX uses GPS and GLONASS to determine your position within a few seconds of being switched on. - The user-friendly operation with two buttons enables you to start a bike tour right away. - You can use the SIGMA RIDE app to set your individual display views. Perfectly Positioned: - The Overclamp Butler enables you to perfectly align your ROX 2.0 bike computer, even if you have a short stem. For instance, the bike computer can be positioned centrally above the stem at the level of the handlebars. This ensures that there is space and order on your handlebars and that you have a good overview of all values. The Butler fits on handlebars of 31.8 and 35 mm diameters. The Classic: - The classical SIGMA GPS handlebar bracket can be fixed in place without tools in a few seconds with two cable ties. This gives you a choice between installation on your handlebars or on the stem, and the device fits handlebars of all sizes. Pioneer: - Connect your ROX 2.0 with your komoot app and leave your smart phone in your pocket. Receive turn-by-turn navigation from the komoot app on your ROX 2.0. It can be displayed either as an arrow on the display or inside the Red Circle. This circle on the display is highlighted in colour and shows the distance to next turn-offs as coloured bar that get shorter as the turn-offs get nearer. The number of metres to the next turn-off is also displayed next to the circle. E-Bike-Ready: - You ride an e-bike? No problem. The ROX 2.0 is e-bike-ready and can be easily connected to many e-bikes. Your GPS bike computer establishes a connection to the compatible e-bike system and shows you the current assist mode, battery status, and light and other data on the display. You can use this list to find out if your E-BIKE is compatible with the ROX 2.0. Up-To-Date: - You can use the SIGMA RIDE app to collect your training data, transfer them from the ROX 2.0 to your smart phone via BLE, and quickly set your favourite display views on your smart phone. The most important data and statistics can be read from your smart phone in real time with the SIGMA RIDE app’s LIVE function and assessed conveniently. Be There Live: - Record your data with your bike computer and analyse them right away with the SIGMA RIDE app’s LIVE view. You can set your individual display views extremely easily while you’re riding. Stay Tuned: - Smart notifications connect you to the outside world even when you’re riding. Notifications of incoming calls and messages to your smart phone appear on your display. Specifications: General: - Dimension (W x L x H): 44,2 x 65,9 x 17,8 mm - Mount compatibility: GPS Mount Overclamp Butler - Weight: 39 g - Water resistance: IPX7 - Battery: 350 mAh (Li Ion), 3.7V - Display size: 2.0´´ - Resolution (pixel): Main display: 51 x 16 - Color display / Number of colors: 2 - Display technology: Transflective - Backlight: Yes - Typical battery life: 18 Hours - Connectivity: ANT+ BLE - Smart notifications: Yes - E-Bike Ready: Yes Navigation: - Turning guidance: Yes Back to starting point: Arrow navigation Sensors: - GPS: Yes - GLONASS: Yes - Ambient light sensor: Yes Training: - Preinstalled sport profiles: 1 - Individually adjustable sport profiles: 1 (Further sport profiles can be saved in the app) - Individually adjustable training pages: Up to 6 - Individually adjustable number of training values per page: 2 - Templates for training views: 1 - Auto pause: Yes Data Analysis: - SIGMA DATA CENTER: Yes - SIGMA RIDE App: Yes - Memory: Up to 100 h training - File format: .fit Basic Functions: - Speed: Yes - Average speed: Yes - Maximum speed: Yes - Distance: Yes - Training time (net): Yes - Clock (12/24 hrs): Yes E-Bike Functions: - Range: Yes - E-bike battery: Yes - Human Power vs. Motor Power: Yes - Support level: Yes - Light: Yes Navigation Functions: - Heading: Yes - Turning guidance: Yes Status Functions: - Device battery status: Yes - Compass: Yes