1920 x 1080, 4MP, FOV 100°, IP66, MicroSD card up to 32GB, IR night vision, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 50 x 200 x 110mm Smart Security Camera Netatmo SAS

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General characteristics

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50 x 200 x 110 mm


1.5 kg

Material & care

Glass; Plastic


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DETECTS THE PRESENCE OF A PERSON, CAR OR ANIMAL Presence detects and reports in real-time if someone loiters around your home, a car enters your driveway or your pet is in the yard. PREVENT BREAK-INS OR DAMAGE ON YOUR PROPERTY Ultra-precise alerts let you know instantly about what happens outside your home. Use live stream to view your property in real-time. PROTECTION DAY AND NIGHT At night, either watch discreetly with Presence's infra-red night vision or switch the camera's floodlight on. The smart floodlight can be switched on manually in the app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal - or for all three. It helps you find your way safely at night and deters any unwanted visitors. SIMPLY INSTALLS AS AN OUTDOOR LIGHT Presence simply replaces any existing outdoor light fixture. In just a few minutes you have a sophisticated security system with a powerful floodlight. FREE VIDEO STORAGE Videos are stored locally on the camera’s microSD card. Presence includes the option to store videos, as soon as they have been recorded, in your personal server using FTP. In any case video storage is entirely free. No subscription, no fees, no contract. BE NOTIFIED WHEN IT MATTERS Each home is unique. With Presence you receive customized notifications that match your needs. The Alert-Zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts – you know instantly when someone enters a zone you selected. BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR HOME AT ALL TIMES In the app watch live stream from any device, anytime. Scroll through past footage and download your favorite videos. A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE IN A SLEEK DESIGN Presence is a sophisticated guard that protects your home while blending seamlessly into any exterior. ELEGANT ALUMINUM DESIGN The beautiful aluminum body gives Presence a timeless design and at the same time makes it extremely durable. ENTIRELY WEATHERPROOF Protected to an IP66 standard Presence is completely weatherproof. STUNNING VIDEO QUALITY AND ZOOM Videos are recorded in excellent Full HD quality. Pinch-to-zoom into the video to see every detail. ULTRA-LONG DETECTION UP TO 20M / 65FT Presence is able to detect people, cars or animals up to 20m / 65ft. Customize the detection length as you need it. RECORDS ONLY WHAT MATTERS Presence records only when something happens, there are no hours of empty footage. SECURE ENCRYPTION Bank-level and end-to-end encryption is used for the highest level of protection.