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Product Code: 9439337
Brand name Klein
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Product Code: 9439337
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Brand name Klein

The history of the German company Theo Klein, known all over the world for its high quality toys and their educational value, is not like the history of other toy companies. After all, Theo Klein and his wife Maria founded the company in 1949 as a family-owned factory for the production of brushes and brooms. Klein's success story began with the 1956 release of a broom with brightly colored plastic bristles for children. And in 1959, Klein took part in the Nuremberg Toy Fair for the first time, exhibiting only three products: a baby broom, a brush and a metal spatula. They had incredible success and were positioned as toys that help children learn social rules and roles in this case - assistants to their parents. Soon the company completely changed its course and began to engage in the production of toys. The rapid expansion of Theo Klein GmbH has been accompanied by the development of a large number of new products and the continuous expansion of the existing range. Today, Klein, led by the sons of Theo and Maria, Klaus-Dieter and Martin, is Europe's largest manufacturer of educational value toys and a leader in many industry segments. Among the partners of Theo Klein there are many brands with a worldwide reputation: BOSCH, MIELE, BRAUN, VILEDA, WMF. Theo Klein manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, Czech Republic and China. All over the world, the Klein brand is known for its high quality toys and their educational value.

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