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Product Code: 8334354
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Product Code: 8334354
  • Description

    The poweradjust 3 is a versatile single channel fan or pump controller that can also be used as an aquabus expansion device for an aquaero 5 or aquaero 6 unit. Mainly designed for Laing DDC and D5 pumps as well as powerful fans, the poweradjust can be used for controlling a variety of devices with up to 30 Watts (up to 36 Watts with optional passive heat sink) at 12 Volt DC. For example, a single poweradjust 3 unit (ultra version) can be used for temperature dependent control of nine airstream fans on an airplex evo 1080 radiator. Short term peak loads can be up to 54 Watts to accommodate high start-up currents caused by pumps and fans. A programmable start burst can be used to ensure pumps are supplied with enough power during start-up, the start burst may also be triggered if a missing speed or flow signal is detected. The poweradjust 3 features the same connectivity options as the poweradjust 2 predecessor. These are a power output with speed signal input, USB interface, temperature sensor input, flow sensor input, speed signal output as well as an aquabus interface for connection to an aquaero 5 or aquaero 6 unit. The main new feature compared to the poweradjust 2 predecessor is a new power output design in switching power supply technology, greatly improving efficiency and thereby reducing waste heat of the poweradjust 3 unit. In addition to the manual control option of the standard version, the external temperature sensor input can be used for output power regulation in the ultra version devices. Temperature control options are mainly derived from the aquastream XT series and can be adjusted to personal needs. The temperature control option is the only difference between standard and ultra version. The poweradjust 3 also features electronics temperature monitoring to avoid damage to the unit. Various configurable alarm settings regarding temperature, flow and speed signal can be used to prevent damage to your PC due to component failures or inadequate cooling. - DC output, no PWM - Programmable start burst - Continuous speed signal checking and start burst repetition upon speed signal failure - Fixed power or fixed speed settings, for ultra version additionally temperature control - Speed signal output can be used to forward fan/pump speed signal or as a generic speed signal for alarm forwarding - Input for a temperature sensor - Input for a flow sensor - Two aquabus connectors - USB interface for PC communication - Comfortable software for configuration and monitoring of the poweradjust 3 unit, fully integrated into the aquasuite software


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