BOSCH Blender VitaPower Metallic-Beschichtung - 1200 W - 30.000 U / min - 2 Geschwindigkeiten + Turbo - Mixbecher 2 L - 4 abnehmbare Klingen BOS4242005215997

Product Code: 10604855
Brand name Bosch
Seller ESTE IT GmbH
Price: 636 AED

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Product Code: 10604855
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    5.1 kg

Brand name Bosch

Bosch was founded in 1886. It was originally a small electrical equipment workshop opened by Robert Bosch. Since then, the firm has experienced ups and downs and has become a major manufacturer of home appliances, communications devices, capital goods and automotive parts. The brand is very popular in Russia. The laconic design and high durability of the products made it a favorite with buyers.

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