Camry CR 7964 humidifier Ultrasonic 4.2 L 25 W Black, White

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The humidifier is equipped with an ultrasonic high frequency oscillator to break up water into fine particles with a diameter of 1-5um. The ventilation system used extracts microscopic water molecules into the air, then, during evaporation, moisturizes the air to obtain the expected level of humidity. The moisturizing effect is visible in the form of a fine mist coming out through the nozzle of the device.

Dry air can be very unpleasant, especially if someone in your household is allergic. Irritated throat, skin, and static hair is a problem that can annoy us all year round. The ideal solution is the professional air humidifier CAMRY CR 7964, which does not require large amounts of work from us and will quickly and effectively improve the air in every room.

An air humidifier for everyone

If you have skin problems, it is hard for you to fall asleep or you get up tired, and the flowers fade despite watering the reason may be in dry air in the apartment. It is a characteristic of flats, where central heating and a large number of radiators can dry the air a lot. A modern humidifier will help you quickly deal with this inconvenience, which is troublesome for the elderly or those suffering from respiratory diseases. Our product is full of innovative solutions that will make every user appreciate the operation of this equipment. The ultrasonic oscillator breaks the water into fine particles, and the extensive ventilation system facilitates their distribution in the apartment. The device is equipped with an LCD control panel and remote control, which facilitate control of work and access to settings in all conditions and from any distance. Pouring water from the top, monitoring and display of the current humidity and temperature values will make using the humidifier convenient. The capacity of the water tank is 4.2 liters, which allows us to use it for up to 14 hours on one filling.

Air humidifier with modern technology

What distinguishes our product on the market is the applied technical solutions. The humidification capacity is 300 ml/hour, which allows you to moisturize a room up to 35 m². Ultrasonic technology breaks the water into fine particles, thanks to which a fine mist comes out of the device. The hygrometer function allows you to set the humidity between 45 and 90%. Thanks to the timer, you can program the device to turn off. The sleep mode will maintain a constant humidity of 65% and will turn off the display so that you can fall asleep at night without any problems. The device works extremely quietly, so you can even put it in a child's room. The set includes a water descaling filter that extends the life of the humidifier. Adjusting the intensity of humidification and a rotating mist outlet allows you to set the device according to your preferences.