Тыквенное масло Гарнир из жареных семечек 250 мл 146211

Product Code: 9175461
Brand name Pure Way
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Product Code: 9175461
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    General characteristics

    Composition: 100% virgin pumpkin oil Content: 250ml Country of origin: Slovenia Some part of Styria it also intervenes in Slovenia, which is a prerequisite for the quality of this top-notch product. For oil grown in Styria, the sun´s climate is very important, in which matures. It´s just the temperature difference between day and night and sunny autumn, which guarantee the best pumpkin seeds. Our Tip: Autumn Cocktail - You need a piece of pumpkin, pear, apple, 2 carrots. Clean the vegetables, make the apple and pear clear of the rootstocks and then everything put it in a juicer. Make the final juice over the plastic strainer.
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    Bez laktózy - Bez lepku - Vegetariánský