CA-506. Noise level: 60 dB, Air purify rate: 220 m³/h

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Healthiness starts with clean air

The quality of the air that we are breathing has a big impact on our well-being. The fewer allergens, microorganisms and chemical pollution we breathe in, the smaller the danger of getting sick. Because of increasing contamination through fine dust and pollutants, clean air cannot be taken for granted anymore. Air quality decreased significantly during the last years. Bacteria, viruses, acarians, mushrooms, fine dust and pollen spread unhindered everywhere indoors. Many substances that develop during heating or cooking, pollutants from construction material, carpets, furniture, household chemicals or the well-known problem of tobacco smoke can trigger health disturbances. Hence there are enough reasons to pay more attention to indoor air quality.

Cutting edge technology to breathe freely

The two cutting edge models CA-506 and CA-508 by Clean Air Optima® are AHAM and CADR certified high performance air purifying systems that connect six advanced technologies and top design. Application possibilities for these progressive air purifying systems comprehend the reduction of pollutants in privately or professionally used rooms, as well as infection defense in medically delicate areas such asdoctor’s and dentist’s practices.

Highly efficient TRUE HEPA-activated carbon filter combination

The HEPA filter consists of a maze of submicroscopic fine fibers. This filter technology was originally developed for highly delicate research areas such as medicine, aerospace and electronics.

These two modern HEPA air purifiers CA-506 and CA-508 by Clean Air Optima® attract particles of the size of 0,3 micrometers (0,3 µm) via the original TRUE HEPA filter with PPT coating and reach a total retention rate of fine dust and suspended solids of 99,97%. This means that only 3 out of 10.000 particles remain in the air!

The HEPA filter is made out of consolidated, environmentally friendly paper material that is folded in a way to create a very big and efficient surface of 1 m². With such a big filter surface, air resistance is small and the number of particles retained high.

PPT (Pet Pure Treatment) coating contains an antimicrobial active component in order to prevent the development of mold and odor causing bacteria on the surface of the filter.

Thanks to their high efficiency, Clean Air Optima® air purifiers with HEPA filter provide optimally purified air and more well-being. The filter spectrum is large and filters fine dust, suspended solids, microfine particles, tobacco smoke, smoke, dust, pollen, acarians allergens, animal hair, mildew, spores and smells. Clean Air Optima® HEPA combination filters can therefore liberate polluted air from almost 100% of dust and allergy triggers.

The activated coal prefilter filters gases, chemicals, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors like animal, fustiness, kitchen and painting smells. The prefilter retains bigger particles.

The highly performing air purifying systems CA-506 and CA-508 by Clean Air Optima® guarantee healthy and fresh indoor air. These devices are certified by different tests and examinations as AHAM/CADR/CE and are ideal for persons suffering from allergies

Application and operation area for air purifiers with CADR value

The quality criterion Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) puts both Clean Air Optima® air purifiers CA-506 and CA-508 in a top position when it comes to improved air quality. The highly efficient filtering system filters particles of 0.3 micrometers (0,3 µm) with an efficiency rate of 99,97% and without emitting ozone.

The CADR value informs users about the result that the air purifier reaches with regard to filtering three kinds of particles, namely smoke, dust and pollen indoors. The value is measured in cubic feet of particles free air per minute (cfm).

CADR values for HEPA UV ionizer air purifiers CA-508 in rooms up to 20,4m²