Walimex 20015 camera kit

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General characteristics

Product code
Filter thread
52 mm


1 kg

Material & care

Black, Black,Blue
ABS synthetics,Aluminium,Plastic


Digital Camera Accessory


Video kit Intermediate

For all those who have tried filming and would like to enter more deeply, the video set Intermediate is a suitable solution. The two handles on the hand-shoulder video rig Cineast III enable calm guidance of your camera. In addition to the Follow Focus Spin and the sun shade Cineast I, this set comes with a 15 mm angle clamp, which serves as a device for further accessories , such as e.g. a magnetic arm.

Hand-shoulder Rig Cineast III

The walimex pro Hand-Shoulder-Video-Rig Cineast III is a stabilizing shoulder rig which allows the easy start into video filming. The shoulder bracket and both hand grips allows you to calmly direct your DSLR or system camera. The modular setup not only makes the use for left-handed and right-handed persons possible, it is also ideal for adjusting the rig individually to your height and fields of use. You can attach various accessories such as microphones, LED lights or a follow focus system with additional clamps and rods with a diameter of 15mm on the rig. Additionally, the 1/4 inch thread on the hand grip can be used to mount the shoulder rig or the adapter unit onto a tripod.

Follow Focus Spin

The Follow Focus by walimex pro allows you to focus smoothly when filming. With the Follow Focus you can precisely adjust the focus level. The white area on the wheel is provided for marking the focus sequence. On it you can mark various points, e.g. with stickers or water-soluble pens. An adjustable gear ring makes the use with lenses of a diameter from 52mm to 86mm possible. The Follow Focus can be mounted on either side of the lens. The gear can simply be moved to the other side of the Follow Focus, making it suitable for use on both sides of the lens. Due to the universal L plate, the Follow Focus can also be used without a rig. Simply mount the L-plate directly to your camera via the tripod thread and then the follow focus to the plate. This also makes the combination with a tripod possible which gives you additional flexibility in your work.

Matte Box Cineast I

With the Matte Box by walimex pro you can shield your camera from sunlight during shootings, and therefore prevent lens reflections (lens flares). This ensures professional film results. The degree of shielding can be freely selected, by adjusting the three movable barn doors individually. That way it is also possible to use them in combination with wide angle lenses. The lens hood is compatible with all DSLR rigs with 15mm rods at a distance of 6cm. It is mounted on the rods of the rig and locked into place. In order to adjust the Matte Box optimally to the used camera and lens, it can be adjusted in height.

15 mm angular clamp

Via the 15 mm angular clamp with 1/4 inch thread you can mount neary every accessory as e.g. a swivel arm.