Axis T91B47. Type: Mount, Placement supported: Universal, Product colour: Grey,Metallic. Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) 72665212

Product Code: 7527502
Brand name Axis Communications
Seller ESTE IT GmbH
Color Color
Price: 352 AED

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Product Code: 7527502
  • Description

    AXIS T91B47 Pole Mount is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is available in two versions, one with steel straps for poles between 50-150 mm (2-6 in) in diameter and one with steel straps for poles between 100-410 mm (4-16 in) in diameter. AXIS T91B47 is tightened with two marine-grade (SS316L) stainless steel straps with TX30 screw interface for ease and secure installation. When installing an Axis fixed dome or fixed bullet camera, there is no need for additional accessories like pendant kits; AXIS T91B47 fits the back side of the camera to ensure a cost efficient solution. - Suitable for wide range of pole diameters - Safe and easy to install - IK10-rated vandal resistance - NEMA 4X-rated corrosion protection - Axis stainless steel straps included


  • Characteristics

    General characteristics

    Brand compatibility
    White, Gray; White
    Housing material
    Plastic,Stainless steel
    Placement supported
    Product code
    Quantity per pack
    1 pc(s)
    0.8 kg


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    Digital Camera Accessory, Mount

Brand name Axis Communications

Axis Communications AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells network cameras and surveillance systems. In 1984, Martin Gren and Michael Karlsson founded Axis in Lund. In the late 1980s, the company built an office in Boston, and the company began to deal with cameras in 1996, when it introduced the first IP camera, the AXIS200. In 2008, the company announced a partnership with Sony and Bosch to standardize the interface for video surveillance systems. Their work resulted in the industry standard ONVIF. Axis is currently the world leader in surveillance systems with offices in 20 countries. The company also produced CRIS processors, but at the moment they are out of production.

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