TESA On & Off. Product colour: Black,Blue,Red,White,Yellow. Length: 20 cm, Width: 12 mm. Quantity per pack: 5 pc(s)

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General characteristics

Product code
12 x 200 mm


0 kg

Material & care

Black; Red; Yellow


Number of pieces
Various Office Accessory


Once you know it, you will never want to miss the tesa® On & Off Bundling Cable Manager anymore. It is a practical velcro strip that can be cut to any length and serves as a highly versatile tool to put an end to all that cable clutter. Use the cable ties to neatly bundle your audio, video or power cables, keep pairs of cables together and organize all the cables under your office desk or behind your multimedia equipment. The cable manager is a reusable tool that can be opened and closed a thousand times and is ready for a multitude of practical applications. - For bundling and tidying cables of electrical devices, accessories and other objects - Practical shape - Can be attached to cable to guard against loss - Many applications, reusable - 1,000 times open and close tesa cable clips: Take control over all your cables It's time to put an end to all that cable clutter. Time for the tesacable clips. Actually it is only a velcro strip. But in practical terms it has all it takes to take the headache out of finding matching cables and organizing all those audio, video and computer cables. Cable manager for desk organization Did you ever find yourself looking for that particular USB cable to charge your mobile phone? Did you ever spend valuable time to untangle the headphone extension you threw into the a drawer some weeks ago? Did you ever miss the power cord of your notebook that your left in your travel trolley the other day? tesa® cable ties will help you to neatly bundle those cables to have them handy anytime and anywhere. Grouping cables for a better look Grouping cables with the tesa® Cable Manager will help you to put an end to all that guesswork. Which of Cinch cables belong together? Where is the other end of the speaker cable? Which of the USB cables connects to the printer? Simply use a few strips of this versatile velcro tape to keep cables from turning into chaos. Cable ties: Easy opening and closing The cable ties always adapts to your needs. Simply cut off a strip at the length needed and you are ready to group cables, bundle them for easy access and keep them from making your home or office look untidy. The black tape of the cable ties is reusable and can be opened and closed thousands of times without wearing off. It's a simple helper with a great effect on your life. A versatile helper to organize your life A roll of tesa® On & Off Bundling Cable Manager contains a 5 m of 10 mm wide black velcro tape. It does not only come in handy for efficient cable organization. It is also ideal for your household, as well as for workshop, garden and camping equipment. Feel free to use it whenever you need to simplify your life.