Sophos SF SW/Virtual Sandstorm - UP TO 8 CORES & 16GB RAM - 36 MOS - RENEWAL - GOV, Government (GOV), 36 month(s), Renewal 54797629

Product Code: 8691020
Brand name Sophos plc
Seller ESTE IT GmbH
Price: 23 199 AED

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Product Code: 8691020
  • Description

    With the introduction of new bundles for XG Firewall we offer a simpler way for you to sell a next-generation firewall. Each of the bundles can be combined with an XG Series appliance OR software/virtual appliance of the customer’s choice. This means you have the following appliance bundles which can be purchased as a single SKU: - EnterpriseProtect - the ideal choice for customers looking strictly for next-generation firewall features (we recommend that EnterpriseProtect customers also add Sandstorm for the best protection) - TotalProtect - the most cost-effective way to buy traditional UTM protection. While TotalProtect has been a great bundle in the past, it is now better to lead with TotalProtect Plus (below). - TotalProtect Plus – is the most cost-effective way to buy all-in-one protection including Sophos Sandstorm. TotalProtect Plus is the lead product as it offers the best value for money when buying complete protection together with an appliance (hardware/software/virtual)


  • Characteristics

    General characteristics

    License term in months
    36 month(s)
    License type
    Government (GOV)
    Product code
    Software type

Brand name Sophos plc

The British company Sophos plc was founded in 1985 and has been developing information security programs for over 30 years. The main concept of the company is to make complex technologies accessible and understandable, which is expressed in a simple interface of its products. Sophos creates anti-virus programs, solutions for filtering and combating spam, spyware, develops anti-phishing systems, and much more.

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