60083. Compatibility: LANCOM 821+ LANCOM 1711+ VPN LANCOM 1721+ VPN 121398681

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Article: 9097900
  • Description

    - Administration of dynamic IP addresses by LANCOM Dynamic VPN
    - Optimum security at low, calculable costs
    - Conforms to standards by using IPSec
    - Free choice of Internet provider
    - Scalable solution, 1– 1000 VPN channels
    - Encoding methods Blowfish, CAST, 3DES, DES, AES
    - Cross-linking of wordwide locations through the Internet
    - Simultaneous and mixed use of all Internet access technologies as, ISDN, ADSL, SDSL, cable or leased line
    - Enormous additional cost saving potential by Voice-over-IP in conjunction with VPN/DSL
    - Simple set up using LANconfig configuration software, including installation wizards

    Whether for the coupling of enterprise locations, the linking of partner companies or the supply of remote access services—Virtual Private Networks (VPN) today offer the economical and, above all, safe transfer of enterprise-critical data over the Internet. Solutions based on IP Security (IPSec) are well established and recognized world-wide in the Internet arena.

    Encoding procedures such as DES, 3DES, AES, CAST, Blowfish guarantee system-wide compatibility. At the same time, the LANCOM Dynamic VPN also extends the assigned router with server functionalities such as exchange of codes and authentication of the communication partners. The LANCOM VPN solution provides for additional security with IP masquerading hiding all network actions behind only one IP address.

    Revolutionary in the LANCOM Dynamic VPN technology is that fixed IP addresses are no longer needed: The IP addresses of the respective IPSec gateways are exchanged over ISDN before the connection is established. Internet-based VPN connections thereby escape the restriction of fixed and thus expensive IP addresses. Dialup connections using Internet service providers can be selected at any time, which are more flexible and cheaper —and with bandwidths of 64 kbps to 100 Mbps, depending upon the LANCOM model. Additionally, the scalability of the VPN solutions is calculated by varying license rates for a variable number of simultaneous VPN channels. LANCOM Dynamic VPN stands for maximum security, flexibility and economy.


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    LANCOM 821+ LANCOM 1711+ VPN LANCOM 1721+ VPN

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