Electronics KIT prototype kit for Raspberry Pi 4B RPI-03753

Product Code: 13240903
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Product Code: 13240903
  • Instruction to connect the IR receiver to Raspberry
  • Description


    The set of prototype elements for minicomputer Raspberry Pi in versions 4B. The set includes: LCD display 2x16, breadboard 830 fields, wires, LEDs, buttons, resistors, IR transmitter and receiver, temperature sensor.


    MinicomputerRaspberry Pi 4Bcan be purchased separately. Choose your favorite caseand a power supply or buy a set with the mainlaunch elements.


    The contents of the set


    L. p. Photo Name 1 Breadboard 830 fields- a large board with separate power lines to create electronic circuits. 2 Expansion GPIO Raspberry Pi 4B for breadboard + tape. The set includes a version for Raspberry Pi 4B / 3 / 2 / B+ and older B. 3 Wire male-male- 65 PCs. cables for connecting to the breadboard. 4 A set of LEDs 5 mm 4 PCs - 2 red and 2 green LED lights. 5 LED 5 mm RGB anode- LED with four inputs, lights up in all colors.  6 Resistors: 560 Ohm, 10 kOhm - 10 PCs. 7 Module with temperature sensor DS18B20 with the wires. 8 LCD display 2x16 characters- popularalphanumeric display, without connectors. The set includes a goldpin strip for self-soldering. 9 Goldpin connector 1x40 straight raster 2.54 mm- for self-soldering. 10 Tact Switch 12x12 mm with cap - 4 PCs. - two with a yellow button, two with a red, will serve as an element putting out the data to the Raspberry Pi. 11 Rotary potentiometer 10 kOhm linear 1/8 W. 12 IR receiver remote control with wires. 13 Plastic box - a convenient case with a handle that will fit all items from this set and more.



    Useful links

    • Instruction to connect the IR receiver to Raspberry