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In the air or on the ground, this camera quadrocopter is a genuine transformer. It can record thrilling action in the air or shoot fast laps on the ground in racing car mode. The best high-tech equipment makes sure the excitement doesn’t end in mishaps. EXPLORE NEW DIMENSIONS Ever wanted to see things from a bird’s perspective? Explore cities from way up high? Hang on to just the way it felt at the festival? Or just capture the perfect sunset? The Racemachine 2-in-1 quadrocopter will let you do it all – and it can be converted in an instant to a remote-control car. Easy to control at various speeds, this drone delivers flying and driving fun for beginners and aces alike. A USB-A connection makes it extremely simple to charge, whether from your laptop in a café, a USB charging station in the office, in the car using a car adaptor, or a battery pack. The universal USB-A connector can do it all. 2-IN-1 FUNCTION The drone can easily be transformed into a racing car. To do so, move the slide switch on the drone to the position of the car symbol. Simply remove the rotor blades and attach the wheels, and the car is ready for use. The RC car features various speed levels and simple controls. Thanks to the powerful four-wheel drive, the car can even drive upside down. ULTRA-LIGHT, ULTRA-MANOEUVERABLE Hama’s “Racemachine” weighs just 150 grams, affording it extreme manoeuvrability on the ground and in the air. Its XL Power motor will keep up with anything. A 360-degree flip function lets you show off with spectacular loop-the-loops and barrel rolls. Gliding down a mountain upside down is no longer a problem. “Headless” mode permits easy operation: Even with the quadrocopter flipped around, everything stays the same for you. The six-axis gyro sensor provides perfect flight stability at all times. THE SINGULAR MOMENT The removable camera can record in 720p at 30 fps to capture all of your greatest stunts. Take a snapshot or make a video of your complete flight. You can transfer it to your PC or laptop via a micro-SD card or play it back on your flat-screen TV to really relive your flight. - 2-in-1 Quadrocopter & RC car with 720p camera for outdoor action - Quadrocopter mode: - 6-axis gyro-sensor for optimised flight stabilisation - Removable 720p camera with video/photo function - Headless mode for complete control in any situation: even if the Quadrocopter is back-to-front to the pilot, the controls function unchanged (right remains right, left remains left) - Automatic height maintenance - Automatic take-off and landing at the press of a button - Emergency stop function - Ready to fly: all of the components required are included - Flying time is around 8-10 minutes - Excellent flying enjoyment for beginners and more advanced pilots thanks to various speed increments and simple controls - 360° flip function - LED lighting - Customised look: create your own unique racing design with the enclosed stickers - Have even more fun with the enclosed add-ons (masts, landing strip with dot system) - Convert into a RC car in a few minutes with the tool included



Battery technology: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Cables included: USB
Manual: And
Compatible memory cards: MicroSD (TransFlash)
Batteries included: And
Maximum operating distance: 100 m
Width: 310 mm
Battery operated: And
Weight: 150 g
Battery voltage: 3.7 V
Memory card slot(s): And
Handheld remote control: And
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Supported video modes: 720p
Battery capacity: 800 mAh
Easy to use: And
Height: 70 mm
Depth: 310 mm
Number of batteries (transmitter): 4
Operating time: 10 min
Number of rotors: 4 rotors
Type: Quadcopter
Rotor diameter: 14.5 cm
Product code: 00126853
Weight: 1.7 kg