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Price: 3323
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- extensive, professional video accessories kit - high-quality LED-video light Bi-Color with 312 LED diodes incl.. diffusor panel for softer light characteristic - directional micorphone Director I with two super cardioid capsules for first class stereo sound - LCD Monitor Director I with 17,8 cm display size - with 28 cm long Swivel Arm for flexible mounting of accessories - combinable with all walimex pro video rig kits Content - 1x walimex pro Stereo Microphone for DSLR, incl. fur wind shield and spare rubber bands - 1x walimex pro LED Video Light Bi-Color 312 LED, incl. power cord, 2 batteriesNP-F550, battery charger, 12V car cable for cigarette lighter, ball head, diffuser panel, and transport bag - 1x walimex pro LCD Monitor 17.8 cm 7 Inch Video DSLR, incl. sun shade, DC adapter, battery holder, ball head with flash shoe adapter - 1x NP-F960 Li-Ion Battery, 6600mAh - 1x walimex pro DSLR Swivel arm Magic 28 for DSLR Rigs and Dollies Description For absolute professionals, who will not make compromises when filming, we can offer the video accessory set Professional from walimex pro: Highlights of this set are the extra high quality bi-colour LED-area light with its maximum light power of 210 Lux at cold and 190 Lux at warm colour temperatures, as well as the LCD monitor Director I with a display diagonal of 17.8 cm. The robust directional microphone Director I also ensures excellent sound quality when filming. The 28 cm long articulated arm gives you the possibility to flexibly mount additional accessories at any time. Stereo Microphone Director I The stereo microphone by walimex pro is ideal for use with DSRLs, camcorders and audio recorders. Due to the two super cardioid capsules you receive first class, real stereo sound with it. The large frequency range and the low intrinsic noise ensure a high recording quality. A built-in elastic suspension provides for acoustic decoupling. The adjustable sound attenuation makes the recording of loud signals possible without having to accept a loss of recording quality. The microphone comes with a standard camera shoe mount for mounting it on a camera. Additionally, a 1/4 inch thread is built into the camera shoe mount, which makes the mounting on a tripod possible. The microphone is powered by a commercially available 9V battery which makes you particularly flexible in your work. The microphone is perfectly suited for many different applications, from weddings and interviews to reports. The microphone is made in a very high-quality and rugged manner. Its body consists of a zinc alloy and it impresses with its elegant exterior. A fur wind shield and spare rubber bands for the elastic suspension are of course included in delivery. LED Video light Bi-Color with 312 LED diodes The LED video light Bi-Color by walimex pro is very well-suited for video recordings. Due to its flicker-free light characteristic, the panel light is ideal for high frame rates. Especially in the portrait and reportage fields, the video light proves itself. The color temperature of the LED can be adjusted steplessly from 3300 to 6300K therefore it can be flexibly adjusted to various color temperatures, e.g. energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lights, or daylight. The light output can be adjusted steplessly as well with a maximum output of 210 Lux (at a cold color temperature) and 190 Lux (at a warm color temperature). A diffuser panel is included in delivery which ensures a softer light characteristic and therefore is ideal for the portrait and reportage fields. The diffuser panel is simply attached with magnets, which allows a quick attachment and detachment. As no elements are being worn down this way, the lifetime of the LED light and diffuser panel is considerably increased. The LED is mounted via a 1/4 inch thread. Additionally, a ball head with accessory shoe is available to you, which allows you to tilt the LED light and therefore determine the light direction even more precisely. The LED light with its high quality plastic casing is ideal for mobile use as it is very lightweight. It can be powered with two batteries or with the power cord directly. This is ideal when recording for longer periods of time, and it is also fully useable when the batteries are dead or you forgot to bring the charger. For charging the batteries, a charger is included, as well as a 12V car cable which allows you to charge the batteries via the cigarette lighter in your car. For protecting your equipment, a padded transport bag is included. LCD Monitor Director I The LCD Monitor by walimex pro facilitates picture control when filming with your DSLR or video camera and therefore makes professional results possible. A sun shade, the high brightness and high contrast ensure an excellent view of the display even in direct sunlight. At a display size of 17.8cm (7 inch) and a resolution of max. 1024x600 pixels the monitor shows a clear and detailed picture. It supports the Full HD signal. The large viewing angle also allows several people a view of the monitor. The monitor is equipped with several functions that make it ideal for professional photography and filming. With the peaking function all sharp edges are marked in red, which facilitates the control of sharpness. The 1:1 pixel mapping function allows a switching of the monitor resolution to the resolution of the camera which makes the picture true to the camera picture. The False Color function serves the control of exposure. Differently bright picture areas are shown in different colors, which allows you to quickly recognize under- and over-exposed areas. The Exposure function marks over-exposed picture areas and therefore also serves the exposure control. The 5D II mode allows a switching to the output resolution in the recording mode of EOS cameras which prevents a disruption when starting a video recording. The Check Field function reduces the display to monochromatic or red, green or blue channel. Freeze Input allows a close inspection of the frozen image. Aspect Ratio allows you to switch between the aspect ratios 19:9, 4:3 and full screen. Additionally, the functions Center Marker, Underscan, H/V Delay, Color Bar, Screen Marker, Zoom (4x), Exposure and Histogram are available to you. The device is equipped with four function buttons, which you can define freely according to your requirements. The matching rechargeable battery for powering the monitor is included. You can start your work right away and are independent of an external power supply. This makes a use on location possible and you are more mobile and flexible in your work. Swivel arm 28 cm The walimex pro Swivel Arm is a multifunctional, flexible helper that should not be missing in any studio. The bracket, which is 28 cm long, is equipped with three joints, two of which come with high-quality ball joints. This allows you to realize individual positions. The central locking wheel in the middle of the hinged bracket is particularly convenient, as it allows you to adjust and lock all three joints at the same time according to your requirements. You are also flexible redarding your connection options. Two 1/4 inch screws with thread adapter and flash shoe adapter are at your disposal. The Swivel Arm also offers flexibility in its use: it is ideal for the use with DSLR rigs and dollies. With it, you can attach video accessories such as video lights, monitors or microphones to your rig or dolly. The joints allow you to arrange the hinged bracket as needed. Additionally, the hinged bracket can be used on shooting tables, in order to realize unusual positions, or for unique perspectives on tripods and autopoles. The high quality materials ensure the necessary stability.



Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Carrying case: And
Batteries included: Да
Number of batteries included: 1 pc(s)
Interface: 3.5mm
Product code: 20023
Weight: 0.4 kg