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Fast, effective threat protection for virtual machines and desktops. Sophos for Virtual Environments delivers effective protection for your virtual environment, whether it’s running on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. Sophos provides efficient, always-on security for guest machines by offloading malware detection to centralized Sophos Security Virtual Machines. Security designed for virtual environments We built Sophos for Virtual Environments to work seamlessly with both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Utilizing an ultra-thin agent on each virtual machine (VM), Sophos offloads malware detection to a centralized Security VM, securing all the guests on a host. This approach gives you fast, effective protection with lower resource use and much simpler management. Real-time threat protection with automatic cleanup Sophos for Virtual Environments allows for on-access, on-demand, or scheduled threat scanning. It also features an automated, multi-component cleanup, thanks to our ultrathin guest agent. If malware is detected on the guest VM, it discovers and removes all remnants of the threat. Sophos Live Protection technology provides real-time protection from previously unseen threats. High performance and availability, yet low impact Specifically designed for high performance in virtualized workloads, Sophos for Virtual Environments is able to provide you with increased protection without the performance impact of a full agent. By using advanced caching, we’ve eliminated the need to scan redundant files. The Sophos Security VM centralized protection approach eliminates problems typically associated with agent-based solutions, including “scan storms” and “update storms”. The ultra-thin guest agent boasts a tiny footprint compared to full anti-malware agents, and does not require frequent updates, making it ideal for golden image deployments. And deployments on VMs can failover to alternate Sophos Security VMs if connectivity is lost or for any reason that redistribution is required, such as maintenance or performance considerations. Easy deployment and simplified management Virtual environments are dynamic, so you need to be able to easily deploy and have visibility to ensure they are protected. With Sophos for Virtual Environments you can easily manage malware detection via a centralized intuitive console, with a choice of either cloud-based or an on-premises console. With either you can create policies, view alerts, request scans, and generate reports. And the same cloud-based console manages your Sophos-protected physical servers and endpoints, mobile and wireless devices, and email and web gateways. Support when you need it Malware infections, system issues, and maintenance windows are not limited to business hours, and neither are we. Sophos provides 24/7/365 support standard-get the help you need, when you need it.



Software type: Renewal
License type: Government (GOV)
License term in months: 12 month(s)
License level purchase required: 1000+ license(s)
Product code: WLVK1GTAA