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Intrusion Prevention (IPS) - High-performance, next-gen IPS deep packet inspection engine with selective IPS patterns for maximum performance and protection - Top rated by NSS Labs - Thousands of signatures - Support for custom IPS signatures - IPS Policy Smart Filters that enable dynamic policies which automatically update as new patterns are added - Flexible IPS policy deployment as part of any network or user policy with full customization ATP and Security Heartbeat - Advanced Threat Protection (Detect and block network traffic attempting to contact command and control servers using multi-layered DNS, AFC, and firewall) - Sophos Security Heartbeat™ instantly identifies compromised endpoints including the host, user, process, incident count, and time of compromise - Sophos Security Heartbeat™ policies can limit access to network resources or completely isolate compromised systems until they are cleaned up Remote Ethernet Device (RED) VPN - Central Management of all RED devices - No configuration: Automatically connects through a cloud-based provisioning service - Secure encrypted tunnel using digital X.509 certificates and AES256-encryption - Virtual Ethernet for reliable transfer of all traffic between locations - SafeSearch enforcement (DNS-based) for major search engines - Web keyword monitoring and enforcement to log, report or block web content matching keyword lists with the option to upload customs lists - Block Potentially Unwanted Applications Clientless VPN Sophos unique encrypted HTML5 self-service portal with support for RDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, and VNC Web Protection and Control - Fully transparent proxy for anti-malware and web-filtering - Enhanced Advanced Threat Protection - URL Filter database with millions of sites across 92 categories, backed by SophosLabs - Surfing quota time policies per user/group - Access time polices per user/group - Malware scanning: block all forms of viruses, web malware, trojans, and spyware on HTTP/S, FTP and web-based email - Advanced web malware protection with JavaScript emulation - Live Protection real-time, in-the-cloud lookups for the latest threat intelligence - Second independent malware detection engine (Avira) for dual-scanning - Real-time or batch mode scanning - Pharming Protection - HTTP and HTTPS scanning and enforcement on any network and user policy with fully customizable rules and exceptions - SSL protocol tunnelling detection and enforcment - Certificate validation - High performance web content caching - Forced caching for Sophos Endpoint updates - File type filtering by mime-type, extension and active content types (e.g. Activex, applets, cookies, etc.) - YouTube for Schools enforcement Application Protection and Control - Synchronized App Control to automatically, identify, classify and control all unknown applications on the network - Signature-based application control with patterns for thousands of applications - App Control Smart Filters that enable dynamic policies which automatically update as new patterns are added - Micro app discovery and control - Application control based on category, characteristics (e.g., bandwidth and productivity consuming), technology (e.g., P2P) and risk level - Per-user or network rule application control policy enforcement Web and App Traffic Shaping Enhanced traffic shaping (QoS) options by web category or application to limit or guarantee upload/download or total traffic priority and bitrate individually or shared Logging and Reporting - Hundreds of on-box reports with custom report options: Dashboards (Traffic, Security, and User Threat Quotient), Applications (App Risk, Blocked Apps, Synchronized Apps, Search Engines, Web Servers, Web Keyword Match, FTP), Network and Threats (IPS, ATP, Wireless, Security Heartbeat, Sandstorm), VPN, Email, Compliance (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, NERC CIP v3, CIPA) - Current Activity Monitoring: system health, live users, IPsec connections, remote users, live connections, wireless clients, quarantine, and DoS attacks - Report anonymization - Report scheduling to multiple recipients by report group with flexible frequency options - Export reports as HTML, PDF, Excel (XLS) - Report bookmarks - Full log viewer with retention customization by category Sandstorm Cloud Sandbox Protection - Full integration into your Sophos security solution dashboard - Inspects executables and documents containing executable content (including .exe, .com, and .dll, .doc, .docx, docm and .rtf and PDF) and archives containing any of the file types listed above (including ZIP, BZIP, - GZIP, RAR, TAR, LHA/LZH, 7Z, Microsoft Cabinet) - Machine Learning technology with Deep Learning scans all executable files - In-depth malicious file reports and dashboard file release capability - Optional data center selection and flexible user and group policy options on file type, exclusions, and actions on analysis - Supports one-time download links



License quantity: 1 license(s)
Software type: Renewal
License term in years: 1 year(s)
License type: Government (GOV)
Compatibility: Sophos XG 750
Product code: NS751GTEA