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HPE Proactive Care offers an integrated set of reactive and proactive services designed to help you improve the stability and operation of your converged infrastructure to achieve better business outcomes. In a complex converged and virtualized environment, many components need to work together effectively. HPE Proactive Care has been specifically designed to support devices in these environments, providing enhanced support that covers servers, operating systems, hypervisors, storage, storage area networks (SANs), and networks. In the event of a service incident, HPE Proactive Care provides you with an enhanced call experience with access to advanced technical solution specialists, who will manage your case from start to finish with the goal of reducing the impact to your business while helping you resolve critical issues more quickly. Hewlett Packard Enterprise employs enhanced incident management procedures intended to provide rapid resolution of complex incidents. In addition, the technical solution specialists providing your HPE Proactive Care support are equipped with automation technologies and tools designed to help reduce downtime and increase productivity. Should an incident occur, HPE Proactive Care includes on-site hardware repair if it is required to resolve the issue. You can choose from a range of hardware reactive support levels to meet your business and operational needs. HPE Proactive Care includes firmware and software version analysis for supported devices, providing you with a list of recommendations to keep your HPE Proactive Care covered infrastructure at the recommended revision levels. You will receive a regular proactive scan of your HPE Proactive Care covered devices, which can help you to identify and resolve configuration problems. HPE Proactive Care also provides quarterly incident reporting intended to help you identify problem trends and prevent repeat problems. HPE Proactive Care uses Remote Support Technology to enable faster delivery of services by collecting technical configuration and fault data. Running the current version of Remote Support Technology is required to receive full delivery and benefits from this support service.



Service time (hours x days): 24x7
Number of years: 3 year(s)
Compatibility: Infiniband GP9
Product code: U5V16E
Weight: 1 kg