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HP Proactive Care Service (Proactive Care) offers an integrated set of proactive and reactive services designed to help you improve the availability and performance of your converged infrastructure. In a complex environment, many components need to work together effectively. Proactive Care has been specifically designed to support these complex environments, providing an end-to-end environment support solution that covers servers, operating systems, hypervisors, storage, storage area networks (SANs), and networks. In the event of a service incident, Proactive Care provides access to technical solution specialists who can help you to rapidly resolve critical issues. HP employs accelerated escalation procedures to resolve complex incidents. In addition, your support team of HP specialists is equipped with remote technologies and tools designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity.* The service includes onsite hardware repair if it is required to resolve the issue. You can choose from a range of hardware reactive support levels to meet your business and operational needs. Proactive Care helps you avoid issues by providing such services as firmware release and software patching analysis and recommendations, so that your environment is current and compatible. You will receive a regular Proactive Scan of covered products which can help you to uncover configuration, availability, and security problems more proactively. Proactive Care also provides regular incident reporting to help you avoid repeat problems. Coverage If the Customer does not act upon the specified Customer responsibilities, HP or the HP authorized service provider will, at HP’s discretion, i) not be obligated to deliver the services as described, or ii) perform such service at the Customer’s expense at the prevailing time-and-materials rates. The Customer will identify a focal point and an internal Customer team to work collaboratively with the HP account team in the development, implementation, and ongoing review of account support plan. The call-to-repair time commitment is subject to the Customer providing immediate and unrestricted access to the system, as requested by HP. The call-to-repair time commitment does not apply when system access, including physical, remote troubleshooting, and hardware diagnostic assessments, is delayed or denied. If the Customer requests scheduled service, the call-to-repair time period begins at the agreed-upon scheduled time. Upon HP request, the Customer will be required to support HP's remote problem resolution efforts. The Customer will: - Start self-tests, install and run other diagnostic tools and programs - Install customer-installable firmware updates & patches - Provide all information necessary for HP to deliver timely and professional remote support and to enable HP to determine the level of support eligibility - Perform other reasonable activities to help HP identify or resolve problems, as requested by HP The Customer is responsible for installing and maintaining the appropriate HP remote support solution, with a secure connection to HP, and to provide all necessary resources in accordance with the HP remote support solution release notes, in order to enable the delivery of the service and options. The Customer must also provide any hardware required to host the remote support solution. When an HP remote support solution is installed, the Customer must also maintain the contact details configured in the remote support solution that HP will use in responding to a device failure. Please contact a local HP representative for further details on requirements, specifications, and exclusions. For scheduled calls, the Customer shall promptly make the equipment available to HP for remedial activities at the agreed-upon time. General Provisions HP will acknowledge a service request by logging a case, communicating the case ID to the Customer, and confirming the Customer’s incident severity and time requirements for the commencement of remedial action. Note: For events received via HP electronic remote support solutions, HP is required to contact the Customer, determine the incident severity with the Customer, and arrange access to the system before the hardware call-to-repair time or hardware onsite response time period can start. Onsite hardware support response times and call-to-repair time commitments, as well as software support remote response times, may differ depending on incident severity. The Customer determines the incident severity level. Incident severity levels are defined as follows: - Severity 1—Critical Down: for example, the production environment is down; a production system or production application is down/at severe risk; data corruption/loss or risk has occurred; business is severely affected; there are safety issues - Severity 2—Critically Degraded: for example, the production environment is severely impaired; a production system or production application has been interrupted/compromised; there is risk of reoccurrence; there is significant impact on business - Severity 3—Normal: for example, a non-production system (e.g., test system) is down or degraded; a production system or production application has been degraded with a workaround in place; non-critical functionality has been lost; there is limited impact on the business - Severity 4—Low: there is no business or user impact Additional HP Proactive Care Service credits purchased through the technical skills on demand The following applies to Proactive Care Service credits: - Additional HP Proactive Care Service credits can be purchased only if the Customer has already purchased HP Proactive Care Services and has an active contract. - Additional HP Proactive Care Service credits must be utilized and redeemed against specific service activities within the scope of one Proactive Care environment under the direct day-to-day management of one IT manager, in one country. - Additional HP Proactive Care Service credits are not transferable. - Proactive Care Service credits must be used on an annual basis. Any unused credits will expire at the end of each 12-month period. Any unused credits cannot be rolled over to another calendar year or refunded - If the Customer cancels a Proactive Care contract before it has reached its termination date, then HP will refund the Customer a pro-rata amount for the unused prepaid support less any applicable early termination fees. If the Customer has purchased additional HP Proactive Care Service credits, then HP will refund the Customer a pro-rata amount for the unused prepaid support based on the unused additional HP Proactive Care Service credits, less any applicable early termination fees. Conversely, HP will invoice the Customer on a pro-rata basis for any credits used but not paid for at the time of contract cancellation. Customer Responsibilities The Customer is responsible for installing, in a timely manner, critical customer-installable firmware updates, as well as Customer Self Repair parts and replacement products delivered to the Customer. The Customer agrees to pay additional charges if the Customer requests that HP install customer-installable firmware updates as described in the ’Service prerequisites’ section. Any additional charges to the Customer will be on a time and materials basis, unless otherwise previously agreed to in writing by HP and the Customer. The Customer will: - Take responsibility for registering to use the HP or third-party vendor’s electronic facility in order to access knowledge databases, to obtain product information. HP will provide registration information to the Customer, as required; additionally, for certain products, the Customer may be required to accept vendor-specific terms for use of the electronic facility. - Retain, and provide to HP upon request, all original software licenses, license agreements, license keys, and subscription service registration information, as applicable for this service - Take responsibility for acting upon any hardcopy or email notification the Customer may receive in order to download the software update or to request the new software update on media, where this option is available - Use all software products in accordance with current HP software licensing terms corresponding to the Customer's prerequisite underlying software license, or in accordance with the current licensing terms of the third-party software manufacturer, if applicable, including any additional software licensing terms that may accompany such software updates provided under this service With the defective media retention service feature option, it is the Customer's responsibility to: - Retain physical control of Disk or SSD/Flash Drives at all times during support delivery by HP; HP is not responsible for data contained on Disk or SSD/Flash Drives - Ensure that any Customer sensitive data on the retained Disk or SSD/Flash Drive is destroyed or remains secure - Have an authorized representative present to retain defective Disk or SSD/Flash Drives, accept replacement Disk or SSD/Flash Drives, provide HP with identification information for each Disk or SSD/Flash Drive retained hereunder, and, upon HP request, execute a document provided by HP acknowledging the retention of the Disk or SSD/Flash Drives - Destroy the retained Disk or SSD/Flash Drive and/or ensure that the Disk or SSD/Flash Drive is not put into use again - Dispose of all retained Disk or SSD/Flash Drives in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations For Disk or SSD/Flash Drives supplied by HP to the Customer as loaner, rental or lease products the Customer will promptly return the replacement Disk or SSD/Flash Drives at the expiration or termination of support with HP. The Customer will be solely responsible for removing all sensitive data before returning any such loaned, rented, or leased Disk or SSD/Flash Drive to HP and HP shall not be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality or privacy of any sensitive data that remains on such Disk or SSD/Flash Drive.



Number of years: 5 year(s)
Next Business Day (NBD): Y
Type: Carry-in
Product code: HX409E
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