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Looking for the fastest drive in the market but already have software? Then the BDR-212DBK is the drive for you. The BDR-212DBK drive is perfect for system builders, for those looking to upgrade to a fast Blu-ray burner, or for those who already have software.

The BDR-212DBK is an internal SATA drive. It can burn up to 16x on BD-R (25GB) media and up to 14x on BD-R dual layer (50GB) media, which is the fastest in the market. The drive is also backwards compatible, so it can read and write to most DVD and CD formats.

Running out of hard drive space? Afraid of losing your valuable files when your hard drive crashes? With Blu-ray BD-R dual layer (DL) discs, you can store the equivalent of 10 single layer DVDs. Now you can have a backup you can trust and with fewer discs. With M-DISC support, you can now back up your files with fewer discs than ever before.

The BDR-212DBK drive has features such as a QuickPlay which enables movies discs to be ready faster, a Noise Suppression design to minimize noise, an Anti-Dust design to increase durability, and Precision Writing Technology to minimize write errors. And of course being a Pioneer drive, the BDR-212DBK drive supports a wide range of blank media.

Long-term data protection with M-DISC™ Support

Support reading and writing M-DISC™(DVD, BD: SL25GB/DL50GB) introduced by Millenniata, Inc.

Longer product life with improved drive software

To reduce deterioration of reading performance of disc due to dust and cigarette smoke with high dustproof performance and improved drive software. With this, BDR-212DBK has a prolonged life about twice of conventional models.

Faster burning

Up to 16x1 writing on BD-R single-layer discs, 14x on BD-R DL discs.
quick play

Get to your files faster

With QuickPlay, the amount of time between inserting a ROM disc, and that disc being ready, has been reduced. For movies on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, the disc is ready faster when compared to previous Pioneer drives.

Wide blank media support

Pioneer strives to have best-in-class performance over a wide range of media – our drives achieve this for a large variety of BD and DVD media. Refer to the drive’s media support list for all supported media and the write speed that can be achieved.



Internal: And
Windows operating systems supported: Windows 10,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1
Interface: Serial ATA III
Optical drive type: DVD Super Multi DL
Depth: 180 mm
Purpose: Desktop
DVD+RW write speed: 8 x
DVD-RW write speed: 6 x
DVD-RAM read speed: 5 x
Disc loading type: Front
DVD+R Double Layer write speed: 8 x
Weight: 740 g
CD-R read speed: 24 x
CD-RW write speed: 24 x
Height: 42.3 mm
DVD+R Double Layer read speed: 12 x
BD-RE Dual Layer read speed: 6 x
BD-ROM read speed: 12 x
BD-R read speed: 12 x
DVD+RW read speed: 12 x
DVD+R read speed: 16 x
CD-RW read speed: 40 x
DVD-RW read speed: 12 x
DVD-R Double Layer read speed: 12 x
BD-R Dual Layer read speed: 8 x
DVD-R read speed: 16 x
BD-RE write speed: 2 x
BD-R write speed: 16 x
DVD-R Double Layer write speed: 8 x
DVD+R write speed: 16 x
DVD-R write speed: 16 x
Width: 148 mm
BD-RE Dual Layer write speed: 2 x
CD write speed: 40 x
Drive device, buffer size: 4 MB
DVD+R M-DISC write speed: 4 x
CD read speed: 40 x
CD-R write speed: 40 x
DVD-ROM Double Layer read speed: 12 x
CD-ROM read speed: 40 x
BD-R Dual Layer write speed: 14 x
BD-RE read speed: 10 x
M-DISC supported: Y
DVD+R M-DISC read speed: 16 x
Product code: BDR-212DBK
Weight: 0.8 kg