SuperMulti DVD/RW 39322155 / acer Optical Drives

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  • Brand: acer
  • Code: 7884271


Acer SuperMulti DVD/RW. Purpose: Notebook, Optical drive type: DVD Super Multi DL, Interface: Serial ATA. CD write speed: 24x, DVD+R write speed: 8x, CD rewrite speed: 24x. CD read speed: 24x, DVD-ROM read speed: 8x. Height: 9.5 mm



Internal: And
Optical drive type: DVD Super Multi DL
Interface: Serial ATA
Purpose: Notebook
DVD-ROM read speed: 8 x
CD read speed: 24 x
CD write speed: 24 x
DVD+R write speed: 8 x
DVD-RW write speed: 6 x
DVD-R write speed: 8 x
Height: 9.5 mm
CD rewrite speed: 24 x
DVD-R Double Layer write speed: 6 x
DVD+R Double Layer write speed: 6 x
DVD+RW write speed: 6 x
Compatible products: Aspire E1-422, Aspire E1-422G, Aspire E1-472PG, Aspire E1-522, Aspire E5-421, Aspire E5-421G, Aspire E5-471, Aspire E5-471G, Aspire E5-471P, Aspire E5-471PG, Aspire E5-511, Aspire E5-511G, Aspire E5-511P, Aspire E5-521, Aspire E5-521G, Aspire E5-531, Aspire E5-531G, Aspire E5-551, Aspire E5-551G, Aspire E5-571, Aspire E5-571G, Aspire E5-571P, Aspire E5-571PG, Aspire E5-572G, Aspire E5-721, Aspire E5-771, Aspire E5-771G, Aspire ES1-411, Aspire ES1-511, Aspire ES1-711, Aspire ES1-711G, Aspire V3-472, Aspire V3-472G, Aspire V3-472P, Aspire V3-472PG, Aspire V3-572, Aspire V3-572G, Aspire V3-572P, Aspire V3-572PG, Aspire V5-561, Aspire V5-561G, Aspire V5-561P, Aspire V5-561PG, Aspire VN7-791G, Travelmate P245-M, Travelmate P245-MG SERIE, Travelmate P245-MP SERIE, Travelmate P245-MPG SERI, Travelmate P246-M, Travelmate P246-MG SERIE, Travelmate P256-M, Travelmate P256-MG SERIE, Travelmate P276-M, Travelmate P276-MG SERIE, Travelmate P455-M, Travelmate P455-MG SERIE, Packard Bell EasyNote LG71BM, Packard Bell EasyNote TE69KB, Packard Bell EasyNote TF71BM
Product code: KO.0080D.014
Weight: 1.1 kg