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Brand name Salewa
SALEWA is one of the world leaders in the Outdoor market, engaged in the production of clothing, footwear, equipment for tourism and mountaineering. The brand was founded in Munich in 1935 by Joseph Liebhart, director of the Munich Cooperative Society of Saddlers and Woven Fabrics. Liebhart registered the company, making the name SALEWA from the first letters SA (saddler / saddle), LE (ledder / leather), WA (waren / goods). Initially, the company was engaged in the production of saddles, harnesses and other leather goods. Beginning in 1939, the company began to produce garments that were very well received by customers. Also at this time, a model of a backpack with a metal frame was developed. And ski poles made of wood and light alloys released during this period were at the top of sales throughout the country for a long time. From that time to the present day, Salewa has become synonymous with high quality, advanced technology and innovation.