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The American cosmetics brand REVLON has been known since 1932 and has been synonymous with high-class products for over 70 years. Its founders are brothers Joseph and Charles Revs, as well as chemist Charles Lachman, thanks to whom the letter "L" is present in the name of the company. It all started quite modestly thanks to their small accumulations and the innovative invention of nail polish, which instead of dyes contained more persistent pigments for an even and shiny application. Almost from the moment of its foundation to the present day, the company has a multimillion-dollar turnover in the beauty market due to the excellent quality of cosmetics, fairly affordable prices, as well as modern advanced production technologies. All this and much more has provided the oldest US brand for the production of perfumery, cosmetics, personal care products and equipment of the Beauty line a huge number of fans in 175 countries of the world!

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