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History of the company. It all started on a small farm in Felisenzell, Germany in 1962. Albert Curble's father, Isidore Curble, was an expert in helping cows during childbirth. His main tool was an item to help cows in childbirth. He became the beginning of business success. In 1967, Albert Kerbl realized the enormous market potential of this product and obtained the marketing rights. In 1984, Albert Kerbl GmbH was founded with five employees. With clear vision, market knowledge and unmatched speed, new products have been developed and markets conquered. Today Kerbl is a privately run family company that stands for unconditional reliability and partnership. Kerbl's roots lie in animal husbandry and we have unique knowledge of your needs and requirements. With a wealth of horse breeding experience, Kerbl offers an extremely wide and high quality horse and equestrian products, ensuring that all your needs are met.