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Bering watches are a union of durable materials and minimalism in design. For the manufacture of the watch case, ceramics are used. The creator of Bering watches is considered to be a very romantic and impressionable traveler of our time, Rene Kaerskov. Once in the endless expanses of the Arctic, he was amazed at the beauty and purity of the cold northern land. Since Kaerskov is also a businessman, after returning to his homeland, he wanted to express all the beauty he saw in something material. It was in this beautiful and unique watch that it was decided to bring this idea to life. This is how the Bering watch brand appeared, which got its name in honor of one of the most famous explorers of the north - Vitus Bering. All watches of the Bering brand are able to surprise with their beautiful, but at the same time minimalistic design. When manufacturing the watch case and bracelet, exclusively high-strength materials are used.