Подарочная коробка Слива - душ. гель 200 мл, пена для ванны 200 мл 1346198

Product Code: 9183619
Brand name body tip
Seller ESTE IT GmbH
Price: 112 AED

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Product Code: 9183619
  • Characteristics


    skin type
    skin oily and problematic - normal skin - mixed complexion - dry skin - mature skin

    General characteristics

    The gentle shower gel , when mixed with water, turns into a rich, generous foam that gently cleanses the skin with unique natural ingredients and almond oil, which makes your skin pleasantly soft, supple and perfectly scented throughout the body. Dense bath foam full of beneficial natural extracts, enriched with nutritious almond oil creates a velvety soft foam. It leaves your skin soft, supple and pleasantly scented. Discover the beauty of nature from the comfort of your bathroom.
    Druh produktu
    Krémy - Gely, emulze, fluidy
    Eko friendly
    Přírodní - Dárkové sady
    Bath foam Plum 200 ml Plum Shower Gel 200 ml
    Dárkové sady - Dárkové sady
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